Join Main Street Winter Haven Today!

There are no federal or state grants underwriting the program.  Main Street Winter Haven is funded through general memberships, fundraising activities, and a public/private partnership with the City.  The success of Main Street Winter Haven, Inc. lies in the fact that it is a local initiative, both organizationally and financially.

Why support your Main Street program

Local Residents/Consumers

  • Enhanced marketplace (shopping locally)
  • Sense of pride in downtown
  • Social/Cultural activities
  • Sense of hometown community
  • Historical awareness (preservation of architecture and human history)
  • Tax dollars stay in the community
  • Opportunity to participate/volunteer
  • Home values increase
  • Quality of life

Property owners

  • Increased occupancy rates
  • Rent stability and/or increase
  • Increased property values
  • Reduced vandalism/crime deterrent
  • Communication medium with other property owners
  • Better image
  • New uses
  • Quality of life

Business Owners

  • Improved image
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Increased business
  • Increased value
  • Healthy economy
  • Pride
  • Better business mix
  • Increased traffic/exposure
  • Quality of business life

In summary, there are plenty of reasons to become a member, yet they all come down to one: Quality of Life!   Memberships are available to anyone who is interested in supporting and strengthening our community through a strong downtown.

To become a Main Street Winter Haven Event Sponsor, please call (863) 295-9422.