Façade Grants

Main Street Winter Haven, Inc., has established a Façade Grant Program which is funded through the Community Redevelopment Agency. Matching Grants are available to property owners and business owners within the defined Downtown CRA boundaries for rehabilitation of building facades.

The Façade Grant Program will be administered by the Design Committee of Main Street Winter Haven, Inc.


  1. Building must be located with in the Downtown CRA boundaries.
  2. Applicant must be a member of Main Street Winter Haven, Inc.
  3. Applicant must submit application prior to the commencement of any work
  4. Buildings will be evaluated by its historical/architectural significance, with priority given to buildings with inappropriately applied facades that cover windows, or are unsightly, and out-of-scale.
  5. Proposed changes to the building’s facade will not remove, alter, damage, or cover up significant architectural features of the building that either are original, or reflect a major alteration that has historic architectural value. At the same time, proposed changes will assist in creating a unified and attractive appearance to the building and the block.
  6. Changes to the building’s façade must be consistent with Main Street Winter Haven’s Downtown Façade Recommendations the objective of which is to
    1. Partially or fully restore the original appearance of the building
    2. Represent a modern treatment which blends into and is compatible with the building, and the block.
    3. Restore to an appearance that is consistent with the historic district
  7. All improvements must meet any applicable ordinances of the City of Winter Haven.
  8. The money is in the form of a grant, not a loan, and is available as follows:
    1. First time: up to 50 percent match basis (not to exceed the applicable Grant Program amount)
    2. After five years: a second grant of the same façade may receive up to 25 percent on a match basis (not to exceed the applicable Grant Program amount.)
    3. After 10 years: a second grant of the same façade may receive up to 50 percent on a match basis (not to exceed the applicableGrant Program amount)
  9. The amount of the match will be determined by the DAT based on the funds available and number of requests under consideration.

Matching Grant Programs

The Façade Grant Program has the following three (3) grant programs:

  • Renovation Grant – Cosmetic façade improvements, e.g., painting, awnings, signage, window and/or door replacement, lighting. Eligible projects may receive grant awards up to, but not exceed, the amount of $5,000.
  • Restoration Grant – Partial or full restoration of the building based on actual evidence, including photographs. Eligible projects may receive grant awards up to, but not exceed, the amount of $10,000.

Note: The Design Commitee is available to assist with the following:

  • Plans and Specifications outlining scope of work, including signage.
  • Samples of all paint colors for façade and signage.

Design Committee  Review

All Grant Applications will be reviewed by the Design Committee to assure that the project plans are consistent with the intent of the specific and applicable Grant Program. Following the review of the application, the committee will make one of the following recommendations:
(1) Approved, (2) Approved with changes, (3) Approved with partial funding, (4) Denied funding.

Work of the project must begin within 90 days after approval.

Pre-approval does not automatically guarantee awarding of the grant if said renovations or restorations are not completed as recommended by the committee.

For more information on the Main Street Winter Haven Façade Grant Program, please contact Main Street Winter Haven at (863) 295-9422 or E-mail Us.